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New Traditions for a New Year

Well we are half way through the first month of the new year. I’ve pretty much dedicated 2018 to a year of new beginnings. I want to incorporate some new traditions into my life as well. One of my newest traditions was implemented in 2017 actually. My Dad and I went sailing together on Black Friday, the shopping day after Thanksgiving, rather than hitting the stores for all the great deals. We jokingly posted that we were going to the Black Friday “Sails” and shared a video of the Deja Vu out on the Gulf. We had such a great time that I’ve decided, weather permitting, to do a Black Friday Sail every year.

Other than holidays I can’t really think of any real “traditions” we’ve had as a family. I would love to start maybe a monthly . Here are a few traditions I’m thinking of incorporating and a few I’ve started doing:

  1. Full Moon Walks: As a child I was fascinated with the moon. As a sailor, I rely on her to dictate the tides that get me to where I need to be. I would love to turn this into Full Moon sails but I’m not sure that I’m brave enough for a night sail just yet. Roughly ever 29 days I would love to soak in the energy of the Full Moon. Lunar energy is at it’s highest during the Full Moon. It’s an excellent time to refocus our gratitude. It’s a time to be thankful and feel blessed for all that I been given and all that I have created.
  2. Day of Service: I’d like to pick a charity or nonprofit each month to volunteer with. This would also be a great way for me to get back to being involved in the community. Having been the Director of a Nonprofit and being super connected to going to where I’m pretty isolated has been a huge change and no doubt has had some significance in my depression. “Acts of Service” is my love language. It makes me feel amazing to know that I’ve helped others.
  3. Baseball Opening Day Celebration: Ok so I’m not in Boston anymore. I can’t celebrate opening day the way I have for the last four/five years by taking in a game at Fenway. I’m going to have to be a little creative. Luckily for me, baseball is still a huge pastime here in the south and Mobile has it’s own team, the Mobile BayBears. Our neighbors to the East and West also have teams: the Pensacola Wahoos and the Biloxi Shuckers, so I have no excuse not to get to a game and you KNOW that I’ll be watching the Red Sox opening day from some bar/pub here on the coast.
  4. Annual Camping Trip: I grew up in the countryside so my family was never really big campers. I would however like to plan a camping trip to the mountains this year. I’m thinking Tennessee or North Carolina. I’ve done some beach camping in NC and it was fantastic. So maybe that’s in order. I remember camping in New Hampshire for the first time. I love the warm days and cool evenings. Who knows? Maybe it’ll be a long distance camping trip!
  5. Happiness Jar: If you’ve read my blog for very long, you know I’ve been dealing with some serious bouts of depression. I’ve started a Happiness Jar. Every night before I go to bed, I write down one happy thing that happened that day. At the end of the month I’ll read what I’ve written. It’s a reminder to me that not every day is bad and that despite some really tough circumstances I’ve been faced with, there is joy.
  6. A Book A month: I used to spend a great deal of my free time reading. I love to read and write. Lately I haven’t had time to enjoy a great book so I’d like to make that a priority again. At one time I would have set a goal of reading a book a week but life is a little too crazy for that now. So I’m going to set a goal of reading a book a month. Maybe I’ll even share a review of the book here. I’m going to go to the library later today I think and get a library card, something I’ve not done in YEARS!
  7. One New Recipe a Week: One night a week I’d love to make a new recipe. Maybe a little adventurous, cultural, or international flare will be involved. I love to cook and trying new things in the kitchen. I’m also looking at how to incorporate or adjust recipes for cooking on the boat for when I’m living aboard full time.
  8. The Give me 5: Being a Navy spouse, I’ve made friends all over the world. Sometimes it’s really hard for us to catch up with our long distance friendships. I want to start the tradition where I text a friend and say Give Me 5 and they send me five things going on in their life.
  9. A local museum or historical site a month: I’ve traveled all over the world and yet there are places right here in my backyard that I’ve never seen or even heard of! Each month I’m going to choose a museum or historical site to visit that is within a days drive. I’ve already started a list with the USS Alabama being at the top. I have no idea how I’ve never been onboard this Iowa Class Destroyer. She sits so beautiful across the bay from me and I see her all the time.
  10. Send a thoughtful card or letter by mail: In this age of computers and technology, written cards and letters have gone by the wayside. Each month I’m going to send a friend a hand written note or card by mail and who knows maybe a little surprise to go along with it. This includes sending mail to my kids who are at college and private school. My mom used to send me little care packages when I lived far away and even if it was nothing more than a pack of gum and a handwritten I love you, it was so special to me.

So there is a start to a few of my new traditions. Do you have any new traditions you would like to start this year? Share your ideas with my followers! I’d love to hear them.


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I can do this! Living Aboard Full Time

So I’ve established my goal for 2018. I am going to live aboard the S/V Rialto Zephyr full time. I have’t blogged much about the boat lately. Honestly, she’s been sitting at the marina next door since we moved her from Fairhope, AL. It’s been cold and her current slip doesn’t have power so that’s been my excuse for walking over and just looking at her forlornly instead of climbing aboard and working. But the time is NOW. I am going to hopefully get over to her today and begin making the list of the repairs that need to happen to be able to live aboard full time by the summer.

While I know there is a great deal of work to be done, I’m actually pretty excited to get started on it. It gives me some direction and purpose that I haven’t really had in life recently. I am going to do most of the work myself with a little help from my Dad and my friend Brian. Brian worked with me at the marina and is as much as a sailboat enthusiast as I am. I’ve joined some Facebook groups where I hope to gain some more insight and sailing friends. I’m considering ordering some American Sailing Association publications to read about sailing. The weather hasn’t been exactly cooperative. One of the great things about living on the Gulf Coast is that sailing season is pretty much year round, with only a few days/weeks that aren’t really all that great for getting on the water. Of course with my luck, that would be this week! It’s currently 45 degrees and the wind is blowing out of the north. However, like any meteorologist will tell you here wait a few days and it’ll be different. The temperatures are supposed to climb into the upper 60’s by next weekend.

Pinterest has become my friend again with all of the DIY remodeling of sailboats pins. I’m considering maybe starting a YouTube Channel to go along with the blog so that followers can see the actual success or failure of my attempts at bringing the Rialto Zephyr back to life. She really is a beautiful sailboat. She is my happy place. The tinkling of the tide rigging always brings a wave of peacefulness over me. Tomorrow I’ll post my rough draft repairs list and then sit down and figure out budgeting vs. need.

Happy Sailing friends!


Things I learned about myself in 2017

2017 was not my year. Plain and simply said. Just because it was a year of tremendous pain doesn’t mean it didn’t usher incredible growth into 2018. 2017 was a year that I learned more about myself than ever before, and despite it being one of the worst years of my life, it prepared me for what I believe is going to be a year of discovery.

Here are just a few of the things I learned about myself this past year:

  1. I really discovered who/what mattered the most to me. That number one priority is my children and my family. I’ve not lived at home with my parents in a very long time. I’ve discovered what incredible people we’ve all become over the years. They are an endless source of wisdom and insight into me, sometimes when I don’t want/can’t see me for who they know I am. My children have always been the center of my life. I gave up everything including a career for them when they were young. Although our circumstances have changed and my oldest two have left the nest, they still need me just as much as I need my parents.
  2. I learned that I absolutely love sailing. It’s become more than just a hobby as I began living aboard my 40ft. Sailboat the Rialto Zephyr this year. I’ve spent many hours working on her and hope to start the big remodel in 2018 I can’t wait to be able to blog more about that than my current life situations.
  3. I am my own worst critic. I am far harder on myself than those around me. I really cut no slack when it comes to what I feel are my failures. I want 2018 to be year about forgiveness, especially learning to forgive myself. This means letting go of hurt and anger I have held on to for years. I’m enlisting the help of my new therapist, a close friend, and my pastoral team for this because honestly, it might get ugly.
  4. 2018 is going to be a year of furthering my interest and hobbies. I am already working on a dream/goal journal.
  5. I learned to lean on my faith more than I ever have in my entire life. I know that my faith is all that got me through and even though there were days that I questioned it, I know that God loves me and is there for me.


2018 is going to be year for me to reflect more on self care. I am excited and nervous all at the same time because I’ve never actually allowed myself to take care of me.



My new gig

So on top of this practically nonexistent blog, I am now a proud employee of Envoy Air. While the pay isn’t spectacular, the benefits and perks are incredible. Free air travel for myself, family and friends! Seriously. I have a few cons to the new job but they are mostly due to the physical demands it entails. I also have to travel to Dallas Ft. Worth for nearly a month.

Something else interesting, while I don’t have to fly all that much, there is the occasional flight involved and I HATE flying LOL. So that should be interesting.

Sorry for such a short update but wanted to get it out there.

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Word of The Day: Viable

I am running out of viable options for my life. 2018 hasn’t been here but for 4 days and already I feel as if I’m crashing and burning. The only good thing to have happened recently was my Christmas visit with the kids, but even that was not without a ridiculous amount of stress. I have no job: Month 3. I’ve not even really had any bites of prospects. I feel like a total failure. Not to mention that there were apparently pictures all over social media of my estranged husband with his new girlfriend. I wasn’t quite ready for that. Our divorce was filed but I was never served. I sat here waiting with sickening anticipation that eventual led to boredom as it never happened. I’ve had no travel plan activity and with no money coming in, won’t be having anything of the sort for some time.

Have you ever wondered what your viability is? Like, are you capable of making something out of the life you currently live? I do every day. I play a game of round robin with a million viable options as to how I can get my life on track. The scenarios play out over and over in my head and quite honestly I feel as if I’m losing my mind on those days. I ask myself if I have somehow brought all of this on me. Surely there has to be some reason I lost everything and can’t quite seem to gain any forward momentum other than time. Time keeps moving even when/if I do not. Every day I’m further in debt. Every day I am barely treading water to stay alive. My days have become more or less a roller coaster of emotion where I’m giddy with joy and excitement one moment and then seconds later feel the nausea over take me as I dive into a death defying low. Have I talked to a therapist or counselor? No. I no longer know if I have insurance and the VA won’t tell me anything as I was removed from his contact information many months ago.  I’m holding on to the only thing I have left and that is my faith, but even now I question it some days. I’m being tested. This I know for sure. To what purpose or extent, I have no idea. Most days I’m just glad that I made it through the day without finally deciding I can’t take it anymore and ending it all.

My emotions are raw and my feelings are tender. I’m all over the place. I know that if I were to have at least one good thing happen, it might turn the tide and push the waves that threaten to drown me back a bit. Maybe then I could catch my breath, spit up the foamy sea water that has filled my lungs and be able to have life again. For now it’s crushing me and life doesn’t seem viable on this lonely ocean floor at all.

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Merry Blogmas Failure and Catch up

My first attempt at a blogging challenge has failed miserably! Around, oh I don’t know Day 6, I spiraled into a depression that I’m still struggling with. The holidays are HARD. No if’s and or but’s about it! I decided today that I really needed to at least give myself something to do and since I have entirely too much time on my hands, thought what better time to catch up on the Merry Blogmas challenge. So here goes:



I’m going to knock several of these out in one fell swoop. A few days ago I finally surrendered my displeasure at setting up a Christmas tree and did it. I had some help and my mom directed the entire thing so it wasn’t too bad. The tree actually turned out really pretty. Yesterday my mom placed the little owl ornament on the tree. I have to admit I think it’s pretty cute! I wish I were crafty enough to make things like that. As we finished “trimming the tree” my mom said, “It looks great! I’m going to go tomorrow and find some of that icicle trim stuff you can throw on the tree.” Sadly I had to inform her that they don’t make it anymore. It is apparently a serious choking hazard and I don’t think it’s been made since like the early 90’s. Hey time gets away from us all. #bright, #ornaments, #green, #family, #christmastree

I hate wrapping gifts. I love it when I’m in the mall and some charitable organization has a wrapping station set up for donations. TAKE MY MONEY! I’m a duck tape and gift bag kind of girl. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cut my finger or had the gift coming out looking as if I rolled it in the paper and ripped it with my bare hands. Actually that’s probably what happened.  #wrappingpaper


Oh geez, ok so if you’ve followed my blog you’ve discovered that one of my favorite holiday songs is the Eagle’s version of “Please Come Home for Christmas.” It’s possibly one of the most depressing Christmas songs EVER. So in an effort to not be so depressing that I”ll  want to jump off the Dauphin Island Bridge, I’ve decided to share my love of the Vince Guaraldi Trio. As a child I loved to watch The Charlie Brown Christmas Special. It’s also one of my favorite holiday movies. The soundtrack is all VCT and it’s beautiful and happy and jazzy. I love it. Then again, I love pretty much all of their music. Every time I hear “Cast Your Fate to the Wind” I think of the Weather Channel. They use it for the forecast in the winter.

# BeautifulSight

The other morning a friend of mine called and begged, no demanded, that I get up early to see the sunrise. He was driving across the bay and assured me it was possibly one of the best sunrises he’d ever seen. It was cold and I really didn’t want to leave my warm bed but I had this feeling in my heart that I was supposed to get up and do this. I’m glad I did. The deep blues of the night were fading away to the orange glow of morning. The moon was still visible and it was an eerily spiritual experience to see both night and morning merge together. I said a prayer and made a wish on the last star as it faded out of sight. I hope it comes true.


The blog has been filled with my depressive mood so much lately that I’ve considered not writing anymore. Honestly though, when I do it’s a tremendous outlet for me. I hope that eventually it can go back to being what I imagined it to be; Ava and I traveling, sharing our adventures. Right now it’s taking a backseat to the reality of my life. Or maybe I’m coming to terms that this is the reality. I’m not sure. I know it’s not pleasant.

So Merry Blogmas anyway! Hopefully this will jumpstart me back to writing again. Oh and I almost forgot…Here are two of the books I’m reading right now. Nicholas Sparks because I need sappy romance in my life and A Gentle Spirit because this book belonged to my Grandma. Inside she underlined and highlighted things in red. I guess I want to feel close to her (she passed away in 2006). Maybe I’m hoping she’ll share some of her wisdom through the notes she made. I miss her.0110743F-AAC1-4380-BB3C-DB584DC7957A



Merry Blogmas FAILURE

FAILURE. I’ve not made posts for several days now. Honestly I have been feeling like absolute SH*T for the last few days. I spent the weekend with my mom and sister which helped a little but today I’m completely out of sorts, crying my eyeballs out into my cup of tea. Don’t ask me why. I couldn’t tell you. That’s the thing about anxiety or depression that sucks. Sometimes you can’t even answer the why as to WHY you are feeling the way you are. I tried to get up and stay busy, but even that hasn’t really elevated my mood.

I was super discouraged that my blog isn’t really being read either, but I mean I guess I can understand. It hasn’t exactly gone the route I hoped it would.

So this is short and sweet. I’m alive, I’m not feeling like blogging. I’ll try to finish the challenge and maybe knock the ones I missed out in one fell swoop. But until then, I’m going to try to stay busy and beat this funk.