Being an Old-Fashioned American in Modern American Times

I guess you could call me a little old fashioned, but I still take great pride in the country where I have been blessed to be born and raised. I wasn’t brought up in an extremely patriotic family, but as I grew up I developed my own sense of patriotism and love for America. I’ve always been a history enthusiast so learning about our past is something I enjoy. America has always stood for what I believe to be many of my core personal values. Sadly though, I think we’ve taken some of our ideals to absolute extremes. Our country was founded on liberty, justice, and freedom. Where is the limit in these ideals? As our country has aged and our morale values and ideals have changed, has it become common place to use the excuse of liberty and freedom to push our personal beliefs on those who don’t agree?

I was raised in a very conservative home. My parents passed their beliefs and morals on to us. Eventually I formed my own way in the world and while I did expand some of my core values, I find that many stayed the same all these years. Yet while I know that most of my ideas are against the popular opinion these days, I would never treat anyone badly because of their beliefs or values. The reason is because above my own personal opinion I attempt as much as possible to follow the biblical principle that Jesus taught us long before America was even dreamt of in that time. “Love the Lord God with all your heart, mind, body and soul.” and “Love your neighbor as yourself.” There is a great deal of interpretation in the latter of the two but I feel like more and more everyday I’m watching as people from all different walks of life are getting away from loving our neighbors to a point of barely tolerating each other! I see this on both sides of the political and social issues. We believe what we believe and we can’t get past our issues to see deep down that we all need to be LOVED the way we love ourselves!

So I wanted to point out somethings as a Modern day American we can all be proud of and maybe even meditate on tomorrow as we celebrate America’s birthday:

  1. We live in a country that despite what you believe religiously, morally, or socially you are not being killed for those ideals. Sure you might not get along with everyone but you’re not DEAD.
  2. We are one of the most generous nations on the planet.
  3. America is truly beautiful. Our nations different regions hosts everything from gorgeous coastal cliffs and beaches to mountain peaks and deserts.
  4. Opportunity! While we might not agree on the disparity of certain racial groups there truly is opportunity in America if you are willing to work hard!
  5. America has such a diverse culture! It’s richly woven into the fabric of our history. From Chinatown to Little Italy, our cultural background is a beautiful tapestry!

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